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Blog Vacation house Jerini: pool and wellness

Vacation house Jerini: pool and wellness

In our Jerini vacation houses you will find your true vacation oasis – a watery paradise! There are many healing and relaxing benefits of water that we can think of. Besides its wonderful sound and the dazzling touch, water has always been man’s healer and therapist. We have gone a step further and devoted our utmost care not only to the sheer quantity of water that surrounds you but also the quality of it.

We take great pride in our spacious, salt water, swimming pool. Besides the gorgeous overflow, it offers much in terms of relaxation. You can take a comfortable swim and you can also enjoy counter-current swimming. The pool offers a large area designed for hydro-massage and a lovely waterfall on the other end. We encourage you to test its beneficial features and enjoy all of its pleasures during your stay at our vacation house.

The whole wellness area was designed logically and it sports a whole array of pleasures. You can use anything from our gym and sauna to the shower area or jacuzzi, the pool of the sunbathing house. Every element of our wellness area comes with a quality signature.

The sauna is a Klafs sauna – a recognized and proven quality brand of saunas that comes with a high standard and high level of modification. Hotspring Jacuzzi will ensure on the other hand that you do not lack any desired feature in terms of relaxing while enjoying one of its sitting or lying positions. You will enjoy its flawless design qualities.

The wellness area can be experienced in a functional circle of usage (for example: using the gym and sauna, then the Jacuzzi and so on) or you can use it modulary as you please.

The pleasures of Jerini vacation houses are yours to discover!