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Blog Vacation home for 10 people

Vacation home for 10 people

When we built Jerini vacation houses comfort was our top priority. The luxury, top notch architecture, wellness – these are all means by which you can enjoy your stay but the quality of comfort while staying with us comes first.

How can we achieve that? Through adequate interior (and exterior) in a way that people feel comfortable with the amount of space that surrounds them. Everything must be just right!

Vacation house for ten people means that all these people have to get their good night sleep as well! The talk about comfort does not end in nicely decorated living rooms and kitchen spaces. It continues in the sleeping rooms as well. We took extra care to supply the best materials and beds we could get!

Story of the exterior and gardens is no different. Spacing defines how people feel about space so we paid attention to that while constructing the courtyards and gardens. Nothing was left to chance.

Looking at the estate from air one can see the dialogue between the houses, their spacing and where they look outwards – toward the woods and a little field.

Find more information about the amenities on the LINK.

Find more information about the houses on the LINK.