history of house jerini

A peaceful place with rich history.


The Jerini estate was built with respect towards family and heritage. Our family, Jerini, lived on the same place for over two hundred years. Finding strength in solidarity and history, having traditional values in sight, with a touch of modernity and luxury, we have breathed new life into the foundations prepared by our ancestors.

Originally, the village estate was comprised of the family house (today the main house, stone villa for accommodating guests), a stable for keeping cattle (today stable, stone villa for accommodating guests), a stable for keeping smaller livestock (sunbathing area), pigsty (laundry room) and the “guvno” (round area paved with stone slabs and lined with a stone wall, with a volume of approx. 5 meters).

The original purpose of “Guvno” was primarily to thresh grain, wheat, oat, barley on it, to get a clean grain which would then be grinded, and bread would be baked. Still, “guvno” had several more purposes. When grains weren’t threshed, it was the area where the family and the locals would gather after lunch, on Sundays and holidays.

The gardens in which vegetables were grown are transformed into gardens with Mediterranean herbs: sage, immortelle, lavender, rosemary.

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In harmanoy with nature

Our home soil and plants together tell the tale of the island of Krk, its botanics, its scents and gentle touches. Explore the botanics on the Jerini estate: fig and olive trees, lavender, immortelle, stone, soil... all of these are our roots. The roots of us all. Devote a part of your time to them and they will reward you with honest impulses like the beauty of scent, touch and colours.


At the estate you will find a real botanical paradise. With olives, figs and Mediterranean herbs you will sense the smells of the island at first hand. The surroundings are filled with stone pathways and benches which can serve for gatherings and relaxation.


With all modern solutions and comfort, we paid special attention to the intimacy of visitors. The pool and sunbathing area completely sheltered from unwanted views guarantee peaceful enjoyment in the charm of the walls. Meet the local culture through Jerini estate! We use dialect words like “prašćara”, “štala”, “guvno” or “kamik” on daily basis. Gastronomy and oenology are the pearls of our region. Allow us to show you the tastes of our village below the volt in the tavern, while you enjoy after a relaxing swim in the pool and relaxing in the wellness.

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