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Blog Why choose a holiday home on Krk?

Why choose a holiday home on Krk?

We have to admit that tourism on Krk has really taken on a new form in the last few years. The biggest changes happened in the form of accommodation. The peak of apartmentization is behind us, and holiday homes are in trend. What are the benefits of vacationing at a holiday home? Why choose this form of accommodation?


One of the biggest advantages of a vacation in this type of accommodation is the level of privacy. Staying in a holiday home on Krk guarantees complete privacy during the holiday, since guests have the entire space available only for themselves, so they can enjoy the pool or on the terrace of the garden that belongs only to the house. Holiday homes are usually secluded, so whether they are in a place or located far from the village, they are always true oases of peace and quiet and ensure that guests enjoy their vacation in complete peace.


The holiday must be interesting, fun, filled to the last minute. That is why holiday homes on Krk are an advantage because they mostly offer a number of additional facilities in addition to the accommodation: swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, gardens, parks, playgrounds, fintess, bike rental… There is a big advantage in case of rain, because the houses are spacious, usually with covered terraces.


Holiday homes on Krk are often actually renovated old stone houses, several hundred years old. That is why homeowners are emotionally attached to them. Such hosts will always welcome guests with a smile, take them through the whole house / property and give the best recommendations for activities outside the facility (beaches, restaurants, excursions, hiking trails).


The island of Krk is one of the closest and most desirable European tourist destinations due to its geographical position. Precisely because of the “Covid crisis” that occurred this year, the island of Krk is an ideal destination to make guests feel safe, and holiday homes on Krk guarantee privacy, security and relaxation.

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